What’s new in Hooves Reloaded?

Hooves Reloaded has more challenges, more strategic game play and bigger prize money – the aim is racing to win!

Spend your prize money wisely to buy or breed better horses. Kit your horses out properly with shoes or saddles that suit their track preferences to boost your chances of winning.

Horse Ratings aren’t everything… the only way to see if you have a winner is to look at their track performance.

Strategic breeding and a bit of luck will help you improve your stables over time.

Mobile Racing

Hooves Reloaded is designed to run on the mobile platform. The new interface means you will have real time racing at your fingertips!


Horses will fatigue after racing and this will affect their racing performance. This means you must pick your races carefully to get the most out of your horse. Some horses will fatigue less than others and therefore perform better over a number of races.

Horse Rating

Horse rating designates where your horse races and the price you can command for sale or stud. But not all horses were created equal and your horse might be the one with the hidden “X factor”. Horses have “ratings”, but not every horse of the same rating is a winner. The only way to find out is to race them…

New Rating System and Expanded Levels

Horse ratings range from Level 1 to Level 60 – breed or buy your way up to a higher level and win bigger prize money for racing.

Complex breeding

There are more inheritable traits through breeding – recovery is a new inheritable trait that determines how much your horse fatigues after racing. Breeding outside your own stable may help to improve your bloodline – if you choose carefully.

Monitoring a horse’s racing performance becomes even more important when picking a prospective mate due to the hidden “X factor” of each horse. Not all horses were created equal…

Horse Groupings

Horses must earn their stripes! Groupings are based on prize money earned. Select your races carefully to move your horse up from Group 3 to Group 1.

Prize Money is Key

Prize money is the primary income in Hooves Reloaded and having a horse to race is your main resource. There are still multiple ways to earn revenue, by selling, studding or betting, but the key is to win races to maintain your stable.

Free to play

Hooves Reloaded is free to play and can be played from Level 1 to 60 entirely free! However, there are some features within the game that are paid options, using game tokens.