Technical issues

My horse is stuck!

Please contact us so we can bring your horses back to your stable safely!

I bought tokens but they are not in my game account yet?

While most purchases proceed smoothly, there can sometimes be delays between making a payment and purchased tokens being added to your account. This can be caused by slow responses by Google or our servers. This delay can be a few minutes up until several hours and may also depend on the payment method used.

Google does not allow App Developers to see purchase transactions, so we have no way to verify attempted purchases if the transaction does not successfully complete.

If longer than 24 hours has elapsed and the tokens are still not in your account, please contact us with your receipt/receipt number and game account name so that we can follow up.

I tried to register my account but I’m not getting an activation email?

Please make sure you check your email spam or junk folder in case the activation email has inadvertently been sent there.

I can’t log in using Facebook

Troubleshooting Facebook login issues

If you see the message “There was a problem logging in with Facebook”, try the Login with Facebook button a second time.

If you have recently changed your Facebook password, it may cause issues with sign in. Try the following steps to resolve the issue;

  1. Open Facebook app > Tap on the three–horizontal-lines icon > Scroll down > Log Out > Confirm.
  2. Open device Settings menu > Accounts > Facebook > Remove account > Confirm.
  3. Open Settings > Application Manager/Apps > Facebook > Clear Data.
  4. The same as step 3, clear data out of Hooves Reloaded.
  5. Restart your device > open device Settings > Account > Login to Facebook.
    Open Hooves Reloaded > Sign In with Facebook > Done.

I can’t install the game?

“Device Not Compatible”

If you receive the message “Device is not compatible” it means that unfortunately your device cannot install Hooves Reloaded. If you have received this message and you have previously been able to load the game, please contact us as we may have a fix for you.

“Insufficient Storage Available” Error
  1. Open Settings
  2. Go To Applications
  3. Go to Google Play Store
  4. Tap Clear Cache.
  5. Clearing the Google Play cache may temporarily solve this problem.

To resolve this issue, remove all of the apps which you don’t use or transfer all compatible apps to the External SD card of the device.

The game crashes during races/ the game won’t load

This is most likely an insufficient memory issue with your device. You can try closing applications that may be running in the background to free up memory and see if this resolves the issue. You can contact us as we may have an alternate or earlier version of the app that may resolve the issue for you. You can also try accessing the ‘settings’ menu and deselecting the “HQ animations” option.

My card was declined—what happens to my order?

If your purchase is declined, your order will be canceled immediately. Once you’ve updated your information or added a different payment method, you can try placing the order again.

My Facebook account has been hacked, what should I do?

Please don’t report this issue via Hooves Reloaded – that report gets sent to us and we cannot restore a Facebook account to its rightful owner. The account owner needs to visit this link:

My Facebook account has been deactivated, what should I do?

Please don’t report this issue via Hooves Reloaded – that report gets sent to us and we cannot restore a Facebook account to its rightful owner. Reasons for the deactivation may vary but these links may be helpful:

Or alternatively, you can try contacting Facebook directly;

I have another technical issue that isn’t listed here!

Please use our contact form using a valid email address so we can follow up with you.