Stud Farm

All breeding takes place in the Stud Farm. You can choose to breed with your own horses (Vet fee applies) or breed with other players horses (Stud fee applies). Fees are in game cash.

You may stud out your stallion in the Stud farm for other players to breed with, and this will generate income for you. Players who stud with your horse will pay a premium on top of the fee you receive for the Stud.

The amount you can stud your horse at is variable depending on your horse rating. Players will be looking at your horse’s track performance in order to determine whether or not it is good stud material.

If your horse is selected for studding by another player, you will receive the money automatically and a notification in your Profile.

Studding restrictions

    • Only Stallions can be studded
    • Your stallion must be 2 days old to stud
    • You may only stud your stallion once in a 24 hour period
    • The studding cooldown does not reset even if the horse is sold
    • Stallion must have raced at least 10 races to be eligible to be studded out to other players. This restriction does not apply if you are breeding in your own stables.
    • A mare must be 2 days old to breed

Private studding

When you stud a horse out, you will have the option of studding it privately. Studding a horse privately will only display that horse to your friends when they visit the stud farm. If your friend wishes to use the horse, they must pay the stud fee and 2 game tokens.