When you are racing your horse you must select the correct country and an eligible race to enter your horse.

There are two elements to horses qualifying to race. “Rating” and “Group”. A horse grouping is determined by its prize money winnings at each level.

There also may be races specifically for mares, stallions or geldings.

Open races can be entered by any horse within the correct rating for that country.

You may only enter one horse per race.

Country Eligibility

  • Rating 1 – 9 = Beginners
  • Rating 7 – 19 = Intermediate
  • Rating 17 – 29 = Pro
  • Rating 27 – 39 = Champions
  • Rating 37 – 49 = Elite
  • Rating 47 – 59 = Legendary
  • Rating 57 – 69 = Mythic
  • Rating 67 – 79 = Masters
  • Rating 77 – 89 = Grand Masters (Android only, requires update)

There are 2 rating overlaps between countries.

Moving between countries

To change countries, go to the main navigation page and visit the Airport to choose a new country.

Players cannot race “down” a level once their horse has been raced at a higher level.

Prize money is not reset when a horse is raced in a higher country level. However, when the horse moves up to the next country, there is a warning that you will not be able to race the horse in the lower level again.

If the player accepts these conditions, the horse is set to the ‘new’ level and the horse’s group is recalculated based on its current prize money.

I can’t race my horses at this level?

If you receive a message that your horse’s cannot race at this level, it means either;

1. your horse is racing in a country that is too low (e.g. racing a rating 10 horse in a beginner country – it needs to move to Intermediate).


2. you have purchased a horse that has raced in a higher level country and therefore it must continue to race there. e.g. you have purchased a Rating 8 horse that has previously been raced in Intermediate countries and must continue to race in Intermediate.

To change countries, you need to visit the Airport.

Horse Rating

Horse rating determines which ‘country’ level your horse is eligible to race in. It also determines sell and stud price for your horses. Horse rating is not always a reliable indicator of a horse’s racing ability. The only way to be sure is to race your horse.


Horses can race in three groups (3,2,1) and Open races (any group).

Groups are based on prize money earned by that horse. Prize money requirements increase as you progress through the levels of the game.