Racing Syndicates

Players can join and create their own Racing Syndicates to compete against each other in the Syndicate Leaderboards.

Creating a Syndicate

Create a syndicate by clicking on the “Social” button from the main menu. Select the “Create Own” button under Racing Syndicates and select a name for your syndicate (30 characters or less). It costs 5 tokens to create your own Syndicate.

Once you have confirmed the Syndicate name, the name and the Syndicate ranking will appear on your user profile and on the profile of any users that join your Syndicate.

Please make sure that your Syndicate name is within the rules for appropriate language and content.

Inviting other players

If you are a member of a syndicate, you can invite other players to join.

New syndicate members will receive 3 bonus tokens if it is the first time they have joined a syndicate.

If you are the inviter (regardless of whether you created or joined the syndicate) you will also receive 3 tokens (up to a maximum of 3 invites/9 tokens) when players join using your invite code.

You may continue to invite more than 3 players to join the syndicate but no further bonus tokens will be awarded.

Post your syndicate code on Facebook or via the Google Play reviews page to recruit new players. You could also post invite codes in the Shoutbox.

Joining a Syndicate

Click the “Social” button from the main menu and select the “Join Syndicate” button. Enter an invite code to join a syndicate and click “Join”. You can only be a member of one Syndicate at a time.

Invite codes

You will find invite codes in various places, the Shoutbox (in game), the Facebook fan page and the Google Play Reviews page. Once you find a syndicate you wish to join, enter the invite code to join up!

Leaving a Syndicate

If you are a member of a syndicate, you can click the ‘leave syndicate” button to leave. You are then free to join another syndicate or create your own syndicate.

If you are the creator of the Syndicate and you leave the Syndicate, it will disband the Syndicate and all members will be automatically removed from the syndicate also.

Syndicate Scoreboard

The syndicate scoreboard tallies prize money earned by all members of the syndicate and gives a global ranking.

There are two Syndicate scoreboards. One gives an “all time” tally for all Syndicates. The other is a weekly tally showing the highest performing syndicate of the week.