Horses are your key resource in Hooves Reloaded. They are the primary source of income generation. Income can be generated from horses in a number of ways.

      • Racing for prize money
      • Breeding and selling horses to other players
      • Studding your horses out to other players

How do I buy a horse?

Go to the Map and find the “Market” icon. Click this icon and select the type of horse you would like to purchase.

Newborn = Hooves NPC breeders
1 day + = Player bred horses

Horse Rating

Horse rating dictates what countries your horses may race in. Horse rating is only visible if you hire the Horse Performance Analyzer from City Hall.


Horses can be trained every 8 hours in either strength or endurance. If you have the Horse Performance Analyzer, you will be able to see more detailed information about all of your horse’s strength and endurance.

Strength training improves your horse’s performance over shorter distance tracks.

Endurance training improves your horse’s performance over longer distance tracks.


Brushing horses increases happiness, which in turn affects your horse’s racing performance. More expensive brushes will have a greater effect on horse’s happiness and are available in the shop on a rotational basis.


Horses should be fed once per day to keep them in optimum racing condition. If you do not feed them regularly, their health will suffer. A stable hand can be hired from City Hall to keep your horses fed for 3 days at a time.

Set Free

To free up a stable, you can set a horse free.


Your horse’s lifespan is determined at birth and is randomly generated. The lifespan of the dam and sire has no bearing on the lifespan of their offspring. Your horse’s lifespan can be marginally increased by unlocking the Breeder achievements.