Horse Stats


The ‘heart” icon shows the horse’s health bar. Feeding and brushing your horse regularly affects its health. If you neglect your horse, its health will go down. Unhealthy horses tend to die earlier than horses that are well looked after.

Prize Money

The prize money won by the horse is shown next to the “Cup” icon


The smiley face bar shows how happy your horse currently is. Happiness can be improved via brushing, treats and winning races!


The bed icon shows how tired your horse is. Fatigue will affect your horse’s racing performance. Different horses will fatigue at different rates. If your horse is fatigued and performing poorly, might be time to give them a rest. Treats available from the shop can also assist horses suffering from fatigue.

Strength/ Endurance

Horse strength or endurance will display as either a description (e.g. poor) or as stars (if you have the Horse Performance analyzer). This will give you a better idea of your horse’s performance attributes. Strength is the ‘bicep curl’ icon and endurance is the ‘treadmill’ icon.

Track preferences

If you have the Horse Performance Analyser, you will be able to see your horse’s track preferences. This will help you pick races suited to your horses abilities.

Special Effects

The magic wand icon shows any special effects your horse currently has. This might be effects from saddles or shoes, treats, boosters etc.

Horse Actions


Feed your horse every 8 hours to maintain optimum health.


Train your horse in strength or endurance every 8 hours to improve their long or short distance running abilities.


Brush your horses every 24 hours to keep them happy and performing well.

Set Free

Is your horse past it’s use-by date? Set them free to free up a stable space.

Geld Horse (Stallions only)

Gelding your horse improves its performance but means you will not be able to breed it. It will also affect the resale value of the horse.

Enter Race

Enter your horse in a race. You will need to check the race requirements to see if your horse is eligible to enter.