Horse Ratings

Horse rating determines which countries the horses are eligible to race in.

Rating 1 – 9 = Beginners
Rating 7 – 19 = Intermediate
Rating 17 – 29 = Pro
Rating 27 – 39 = Champions
Rating 37 – 49 = Elite
Rating 47 – 59 = Legendary
Rating 57 – 69 = Mythic
Rating 67 – 79 = Masters
Rating 77 – 89 = Grand Masters (Android only, requires update)

The overall Horse rating is visible to all players. However, additional information about the horse is only available with the Horse Performance analyzer.

Ratings take into account the following factors;

    • Strength/Endurance
    • Track Likes

Ratings do not take into account these additional factors (each horse’s “X” factor)

    • Max stats
    • Recovery
    • Trainability

This means that horses of the same rating can still have an ‘x factor’ associated with them because of these factors not taken into account when a Horse Rating is assigned.

What does this all mean?

It means that you can have a horse of a lesser rating which (through good and careful breeding) could outperform horses of a higher rating because it fatigues less from racing, benefits from training better and can train to a higher maximum strength and endurance level over time.

What horse stats are visible to players?

Horse Strength/endurance and track likes will not be visible unless the player has obtained the “Horse Performance Analyzer” from City Hall.

Max stats/recovery/trainability factors will remain invisible to players even with the Horse Performance Analyzer.

How do I know if my horse is a good performer?

The best way to know if a horse is a good racer and good breeding stock is to look at its racing performance. Strength and endurance will have a significant influence on the horse’s racing performance but there are other hidden factors that influence the overall value of the horse. Horses in the stud farm must run at least 10 races before they can be studded. This gives the potential buyer of stud services an idea of what they are getting.