Getting Started

The objective of Hooves Reloaded is to win as many races as possible to advance your stable.

You start the game with two stables and one horse.

What should I do first?

Name your new horse and brush, train and feed it to make sure it is as happy and trained up as possible before you race it. Then enter your horse in a race. If you enter the next available race it will usually take about 3-5 minutes for your horse’s race to be run.

Whilst you are waiting for your horse to race, go to the market and buy an additional horse. Ideally, pick a horse of the opposite sex to the horse already in your stable. This will allow you to breed these two horses when they are at least 2 days old and when you have acquired enough money to expand to 3 stables.

Horses are your key to winning prize money. Once you have purchased an additional horse from the market, go back to your stables, name it and click on your horse to brush, feed and train it and enter it in a race. Visit the “Races” to see how your horse performs.

Keep racing to build up your cash – this will allow you to buy more stables, breed more horses and win more cash!

How do I win more races?

Make sure you horses are trained up regularly. Horses can be trained every 8 hours in strength or endurance.

Pick races that suit your horses track preferences. As you race your horse you will notice that it will run better on some tracks (e.g. Dead or Fast). As a shortcut, you can also use the Horse Performance Analyzer to show what tracks your horses prefer to race on.

Keep your horses happy and well fed by brushing them regularly and feeding them treats. Better brushes make your horse happier and treats help with their happiness and training. Invite your friends to play and encourage them to brush your horses for you to give them an extra boost!

Buy horseshoes and saddles that suit your horse’s track preferences and equip them.

Consider using some of the features in the Science Lab to enhance your horse’s performance, e.g. boosters, steroids or surgery.

Race at the appropriate level for your horse.

Most importantly, pick out your best horses for breeding. By breeding your best horses in your own stable, or finding a good quality stud, you will be able to breed higher rating horses and advance through the game.