Friends will help you in Hooves Reloaded by keeping your horses fed and brushing them to make them happier.

Friends will be able to see your game Profile, where you are racing and when you were last active. Friends can visit your stable, check out your horses and feed them and brush them.

Adding friends

There are several ways to add friends via Hooves Reloaded;

    • via email invite
    • via Facebook
    • in game via the Race List, Stud Farm or Market

Enter your friend’s email address to add them as a friend. If they are playing Hooves Reloaded they will be sent a confirmation notification. Once your friend accepts this, you will be able to visit their stable and brush their horses.

If you joined Hooves Reloaded via Facebook, you can invite your friends to play.

Clicking on horse names in the Race List (at the start of each race) will display the horse owner. You can then click on the horse owner’s name to add them as a friend.

Clicking on an owners name in the Stud Farm or Market will also display the user’s profile with an option to add them as a friend.

Removing friends

Visit your friend’s profile to remove them by selecting the “Unfriend” button.

Friend notifications


You will receive a pop up notification when you login if you have a pending friend request. Go to “Friends” to accept the invitation.


You will receive a pop up notification in the game when a friend brushes your horse. If multiple friends brush your horse whilst you are not logged in, you will only receive one notification (not a notification for every friend that brushed them).