Fatigue and recovery


Fatigue is a horse characteristic that increases as you race your horses. As you continue to race your horse, its fatigue will increase and this will affect its racing performance. Once the horse is completely fatigued, you will be unable to race it until it has recovered.

Fatigue increases after a race

Horse’s racing performance is reduced when it is fatigued.

Fatigue is represented in a bar on the horses profile page. (Bed icon)Different horses will fatigue at different rates based on their ‘recovery’ stat (not visible to players).

Fatigue levels may be reduced by feeding your horse a rare treat (only available in the mystery bag from the Shop).


Recovery is an inheritable trait via breeding

Recovery is not taken into account in a horse’s rating. That is, a horse of a lower rating may be quicker to recover than a horse of a higher rating.

Horse’s with a higher recovery rating will fatigue less from racing and therefore perform better over a longer period of racing.