Equipping items

Items such as shoes, saddles and treats can help to enhance your horse’s racing performance. These items can be purchased the Shop.

Once you have purchased these items, they are kept in Item Storage, which is accessible from the Horse Profile page under “Equip”.

Item Equips

Your Racer Achievement will determine how many items you can equip per hour. Depending on what level of achievement you have attained, you will be able to equip between 1 and 4 items per hour.

When items are equipped to the horse, the effect will display under the horse’s profile picture.

Item Unequips

To unequip an item, select it underneath the Horse Profile and you will be given the option to unequip.

Repair costs

Shoes and saddles will degrade over time and will need to be repaired. Level 1 items will degrade faster than Level 2 items.

The repair level of each item is displayed underneath each item.

Repair costs vary depending on the item and the initial purchase cost of the item. It is cheaper to repair the item incrementally than to wait until it is fully broken to repair it.

Trash items

To remove clutter in your item storage, select the trash button and the item you wish to destroy.