21st March 2018

Version 2.601 for Android/web

+ Mythic countries added (rating 57-69)
+ Mythic cup countries added
+ View parentage of your horses
+ Player Cups leaderboard added
+ Increased prize money for Enhanced Cup at all levels
+ Reduced entry requirements for Enhanced Cup from 5 shots of steroids to 3 shots
+ Entry requirements for Steady Cup modified to 10+ wins/places over 20 races
+ 30 token purchase option added

24th May 2017

Version 2.506 for web/Android/iOS

+ Cup Races / Cup Countries / Cup Qualifying
+ New Racing Level / Increased prize money / Rating 50 +
+ Race horses in different countries at the same time
+ Interface changes and improvements
+ Bug fixes

30th June 2016

Version 2.301 for web
  • Web version updated to new interface
  • Players can now sign up via the web

4th June 2016

Version 2.295 for iOS

  • Feeding a second treat now works correctly
  • Fixed an issue with race sound continuing on after race finishes
  • Betting with zero cash does not crash the game
  • Scratching a horse from the race list
  • Screen reloading on stable when feeding or brushing fixed
  • Email login data is now prefilled/saved from previous session
  • Reduced size of horse portrait in horse selector
  • Status bars on the horse selector display correctly now
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Global Leaderboard
  • Shoutbox
  • User reporting
  • User blocking
  • Tweaks to race engine to make races more exciting
  • Go Races navigation button added to horse entry

5th May 2016

  • Released Version 2.292 for iOS devices

6th October 2015

1st October 2015

Version 1.497
  • Improvements to memory usage
  • Addition of "High Quality Animation" option which can be turned off for better performance in the race screen
  • Memory improvements to shoutbox
  • Boosters slide bar
  • Prize money and game cash display fix

26th May 2015

Version 1.484
  • Notifications for daily cash bonus, newborn arriving, and race completion
  • Settings page to configure notifications on/off

30th April 2015

Version 1.483
  • Fixes for Facebook Graph API v2.0¬†
  • New leaderboard, Sales by breeder

16th April 2015

Version 1.480

  • New Facebook Graph API v2.0 implemented
  • Increases to strength/endurance caps (will affect only newly bred horses)
  • Small chance of mutations occurring on breeding

6th January 2015

Version 1.475
  • Implemented Version 3 Google In-App billing
  • Added leaderboards for Syndicate members total, Win percentage, number of studdings.

9th July 2014

Version 1.460
  • Added Private studding for friends
  • Changing Facebook name now updates Hooves Reloaded player name
  • Fixed bug with prize money requirements and grouping updates for certain group 2/1 races

25th February 2014

Version 1.451
  • Added Racing syndicates and Leaderboards
  • Added Friends Leaderboard
  • Added syndicate invite bonus
  • Modified Friends page to "Social"

2nd January 2013

Version 1.440
  • Game tutorial added for new players
  • Shoutbox added
  • Go to races button on race entry
  • Fix on untrainable rating 1&2 horses
  • Sonic & star brush stat increases adjusted
  • Horse stats in freezer now visible with Horse Performance Analyser
  • Minor bug fixes

29th October 2013

Version 1.432
  • Missing Facebook profile images will now display
  • Links to Player profiles from leaderboard, stud farm and horse market
  • Facebook display pictures will display in Player profiles
  • Login changes to allow new players to play without registering an account
  • Bug fixes

27th August 2013

Version 1.420
  • Added global leaderboard high score list
  • Added player name and horse form to race board
  • New horse profile view
  • UI improvements
  • Bug fixes

25th June 2013

Version 1.410
  • Previous horse form visible in race screen¬†
  • Alert user when friend tends horses
  • Alert user when other player buys horse or studs with horse
  • Graphics added for mystery bag and treats
  • Sound fx added for achievements/first/2nd/3rd
  • Horse gender visible in betting page
  • Show time to race on stables
  • Equipping saddles/horseshoes displays correctly
  • Feed horse shows health increase correctly
  • Visual improvements to message display, app icon, horse profile and signup

31st May 2013

Version 1.400
  • Fixed text bug in player history
  • Fixed text being treated as links in betting results
  • Back button on horse trainer page added
  • Improvements to race list display
  • Reordered 'set free' action button on horse profile
  • Sort friend list by prize money won
  • Link to game help added
  • Fixed issue with Facebook login not always showing buttons for friend list
  • Market will now show all horses for sale
  • Lost password page fixed
  • Fixed issue with frozen horses and gifting foals
  • Using stablehand will provide a greater boost to feeding whilst active
  • Horse racing stats in marketplace will now show
  • Mare/Stallion/Gelding races will appear less frequently and more evenly spaced
  • Warning when running fatigued horses added