To breed your own horses (mare and stallion) or breed with other player’s stallions (stud) you must visit the Stud Farm.

Stud pricing

Stud prices are at a fixed rate depending on the horses ‘rating’. It is important to note that a horse’s rating is not necessarily indicative of a horse’s racing ability. The only way to tell if a horse is a good racer is to look at its track history.

Studding your horse to other players will earn you income from the stud fee. The amount of the stud fee will vary depending on the rating of the horse.

Vet fees

Studding with your own horses incurs a vet fee. Similarly to the stud fee, the vet fee will also vary depending on the rating of the horse but will be less than a stud fee for using another player’s similar rating horse.

In-house breeding vs Studding

Breeding outside of your stable does have advantages. It will most likely diversify the offspring and potentially change the inheritable traits. If you breed only within your stable, you may find only minor changes in the offspring you produce, and breeding the same horses twice will produce similar results with only some variations.

Inherited traits

Horses will pass on various traits to their offspring including, track likes and dislikes, fatigue recovery, maximum/minimum strength and endurance, training stats and of course, their rating. Each breeding will produce different results, even if they are with the same mare and stallion. Breeding also may increase the offspring’s rating (if you are lucky!).

Breeding Cooldowns

Stallion Cooldown – Stallion is removed from the stable for 30 mins and then cannot be stud again or sold for 24 hours

Mare Cooldown – Mare is removed from the stable for 1 day and then cannot be rebred or resold for 24 hours

Breeding Restrictions

Stallion needs to be 2 days old and have run 10 races to be eligible to stud
A vacant stable is required to house the newborn

When is the stud fee paid?

The stud fee is paid at the time of breeding (i.e. when you select the horse from the stud farm).

Why are my horses offspring not as good or better than the sire/mare?

There are two reasons why the breeding can appear to go ‘backwards’ in strength or endurance.

1. The breeding is not always positive, just most of the time

2. If the average of the two breeding horses results in a low number. Say the average of the two breeding horses is just 15.1 stars in strength. Then, for example, in breeding the foal there is growth of .8 in endurance but -.2 in strength. The foal’s strength will show at 14 stars, but the horse has actually experienced growth.


It is possible to view the parentage of your horse by clicking the “Parentage” button on your horse profile. This will show you the sire and dam of your currently selected horse. You can then select the sire or dam and view their parentage also.