You can bet on races using game cash in Hooves Reloaded.

Betting is accessible via the “Races” screen.

To bet on a race;

  • Click on the “Races” button from the navigation view
  • Select the “Race list” button
  • Look for races highlighted in green, with the word “Betting” next to them. These races are available for betting.
  • Select the race you would like to bet on
  • Select win, place or show for the bet type you would like to place
  • After you have selected the horse(s) you are betting on, select the “Next” button
  • Select the amount you would like to bet
  • Select the back button to go back to the race and watch to see if your horse is a winner!

Winning bets will display at the end of the race. Clicking the View Lost Bets button will show losing bets. If you lost more than you won, your bet will show in the losing bets section.

Your winnings will also be published to your Profile.

Bet Types

Place: your horse must finish first or second, payoff will be higher than ‘show’

Show: your horse must finish first, second or third.

Win: your horse must finish first and the payoff will be determined by the odds.

How are the betting odds determined?

The odds are based on the horses suitability for the race. Even though it is unlikely, a horse can still not show even if the odds were 1.0 for the show.

Horse Form

To view a horse’s form in a Race, at the start of the race click the yellow question mark icon next to the horses name. This will bring up its profile. Under horse form you will see a series of numbers and letters.

Against each horse is stored its last 5 races and how that horse performed.

  • The first two digits are the race length, 06 = 6000 14= 14,000 etc.
  • The letter refers to the track condition F=Fast H=Heavy etc.
  • The final two digits refer to the position the horse ran.

In this example of Race Form shown 12D06, means that the race length was 12000, on a dead track and the horse ran in 6th position