The Airport is used for changing countries in the game. You may want to change countries to race with your friends or if you would like to race your horse in a higher level country for more prize money.
When you change countries there are a few options presented to you:

Country Types

  • Beginner (Rating 1- 9)
  • Intermediate (Rating 7-19)
  • Pro (Rating 17-29)
  • Champions (Rating 27-39)
  • Elite (Rating 37-49)
  • Legendary (Rating 47-59)
  • Mythic (Rating 57-69)
  • Cup Countries (all ratings)

Check your horse rating to see which country your horse is eligible to race in. You can race in multiple countries at the same time).

Friends Online

Will show you where your friends are racing. Click on your friends name to go to the country they are racing in.

Pick least busy 

Will put you in the room with the least number of players.

Manually select

Choose a country name from the list.