Cup Races

Hooves Reloaded has a “Cup Country” which runs Cup races for all levels.

Cup races have significantly more prize money than regular races at the same level, but your horses must qualify to enter.

Visit the Airport to get to the Cup Country and start entering your horses.

Cup Qualifying

Horses must receive an invite to participate in Cup Races by qualifying. Each cup has its own qualifying criteria, as detailed below.

Hot Streak Cup

Qualifying: Horse must win it’s first 3 races

Century Cup

Qualifying: Horse has accomplished 100 wins

Steady Cup

Qualifying: Horse must come 1st or 2nd in at least half of it’s first 20 races

Breeders Cup (Mares only)

Qualifying: Your own horse (not bought from another player) has been bred 5 times

Stud Cup (Stallions only)

Qualifying: Your own horse (not bought from another player) has been studded out to other players 10 times

Snippy Cup (Geldings only)

Qualifying: Horse must be a gelding (never studded out) and accomplishes 25 wins

Enhanced Cup

Qualifying: Your horse survives 3rd dose of steroids. The Enhanced Cup has a higher prize pool than the other Cup races.

Please note that Cup races may not run for several hours and once your horse is entered, it cannot be scratched from the race.

You will still be able to continue to race your other horses in the standard countries as usual while your horse is entered in a Cup race.

The cup invite will show up as an ‘equipped’ item to your horse, so you can check to see which cup race your horse has qualified for.

NOTE: Freezing or selling your horse will delete the cup invite.

Cup Levels

Cup levels are set depending on the rating of your horse (not based on the level they are presently racing at).

Beginners Cups – Rating 1-9

Intermediate Cups – Rating 10-19

Pro Cups – Rating 20-29

Champs Cups – Rating 30-39

Elite Cups – Rating 40-49

Legendary Cups – Rating 50-59

Mythic Cups – Rating 60-69

Cup Leaderboard

The top 10 players with the most Cups won will appear in the Leaderboard section.