City Hall

City Hall is where paid services can be purchased.  Paid services include:

Horse Renaming

Change the name of your horse to a custom name. (But keep it clean, please!)

Stablehand hire

The stablehand can be hired to keep your horses fed while you are away from the game.  The stablehand will keep your horses fed for 3 days at a time.  Note that extra horses bought or bred after the Stablehand was hired will not be fed.

Science Lab pass

Gain entry into the Science lab, where you can purchase services such as leg rotation or leg balance surgery, cyrogenic freezing, boosters, steroids and more...

Horse Sellers License

Fancy yourself as a horse trader? Get a horse sellers license and sell your horses on the market to other players.

Horse Performance Analyzer

Find out what tracks your horses like and more detailed information on their strength and endurance.

Get Game cash

Trade your tokens in for Game cash

Buy Tokens

Tokens can be used to purchase all of the above services.